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    HAVOC IN THE SUMMER! is our next tournament in the Wheat Shocker Series! Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 14th. Don't forget to sign up online!


    New Scenarios will be posted soon!!!

    Sign-up Information: If interested in signing up, please send me an email with the following information: Name, Contact Info, Army, Club Affiliation (if any).
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    ++PROUD MEMBER OF B.A.W.G.S. (Brothers in Arms War Gaming Society)
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    ++Waiting for our generals to sign up for HAVOC IN THE SUMMER!

    1. Eric Rennie - WoC

    2. Ro. Nevarez - TBD

    3. Seth Kobiskie - WE







    Sign up today!
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  • WHFB Havoc in the Summer

    June 14th, 2014
    Let's make this tournament a success! We can't do it wihtout you!

Posted by HornedRatRob on August 23, 2016


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Follow me to the next stage of gaming in the Midwest!

Posted by HornedRatRob on May 9, 2014

After much deliberation, my brother and I have decided to make ONE central website that has all of the information on it to make it easier for our followers to stay up to date on everything. We have a new blog that will be the new home of the Wheatshocker Series as well as all things Warhammer! In order to continue to progress that we’ve already made we need your help — Please sign up for both of these sites:

mwgamingalliance.wordpress.com — This is the new home of the Wheatshocker Series. My blog, hornedratrob, will no longer be updated. IF YOU FOLLOW MY BLOG, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS ONE NOW!

mwgamingalliance.boards.net — This is the site for our new gaming forums. My brother, iggykoopa, has graciously decided to fund these boards and they are a good way of communicating with other people across the country. Please direct people to the forums and we can continue to grow!

The new blog will be updated and again, it already has all of the information about the current standing for the Wheatshocker Series as well as all of the information you will need to know about staying up to date on all things Warhammer Fantasy!

Thanks for following and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


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New Prize Category in the Wheatshocker Series!

Posted by HornedRatRob on April 30, 2014

So, after some deliberation with some of the people that help me run our local tournaments, I’ve decided to add a NEW CATEGORY to the overall prizes. This brings a couple of advantages:

– More chances for prizes
– Unpainted armies can win
– celebrates the winning aspect of the hobby

The new category is: BEST GENERAL

The Best General will be given to the player that has the most Overall Battle Points. In each tournament, there is a total of 75 Battle points possible:

–20 Battle Points possible for each game
–Each scenario has up to 5 extra bonus Battle points that can be earned

The beauty of this new category is that it reaches out to all players, especially those players that DON’T LIKE TO PAINT!!! This category has nothing to do with painting, modeling, converting. In fact, the only rule that applies is that all models must be assembled and accurately represented on the battlefield!

Let me be clear — There is NO WAY that an unpainted army can win Best Overall at any Wheatshocker Tournament, but this category is awarded to the player that is the pound for pound best “player” in each tournament. This award has everything to do with playing the game – given to the most cunning general with the most impressive wins!

I’m excited about this new category and I hope everyone else is as well. It’ll be a chance for players to not have to worry about painting, especially if that isn’t their forte, but also give them an opportunity to win some nice swag for the great ability to play on the field of battle.

So, overall the categories in the Wheatshocker Series are:

Best Overall
Best General
Best Army
Best Sportsman
Best Painted Army

I’ll be posting the new painting rubric soon, thanks for following!


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Spring Bloodbath – The Results are in!!

Posted by HornedRatRob on April 27, 2014

We had 10 generals show up for the tournament and everyone played very well. There was great sportsmanship and we had people travel from Lawrence, KS! The tournament scene is picking up and we are already making preparations for the next event – HAVOC IN THE SUMMER – which is on June 14th, mark your calendar!

The Wheatshocker Series board has been updated so get on over and check it out for the latest rankings! Where do you rank up? Are you close to the Wheatshocker Warlord Trophy??? The person with the most points will win this awesome trophy!

Keep in mind that the Wheatshocker Series is taking a huge turn with tournament make up — NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED AND ALL ARMIES MUST BE PAINTED AT LEAST 3 COLORS FOR ALL FUTURE TOURNAMENTS!

The series is heating up and I’m pleased at where we’re going. Remember – we can’t make this a success without your support!

Here are the results for the Spring Bloodbath:

Best Overall – James Valdez – Demons of Chaos
Best Sportsman – Jared Holcomb – Empire
Best Painted – Ro. Nevarez – Lizardmen
Best Army – Erik Wilmeth – Bretonnians

Thanks for following!


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Spring Bloodbath pic update

Posted by HornedRatRob on April 26, 2014

We’ve had some great looking armies today. Here’s some pictures of a few of them:










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Spring Bloodbath Underway!!

Posted by HornedRatRob on April 26, 2014

April 26th is here and with it is the Spring Bloodbath! 10 brave generals made their way to the field of battle and are battling it out for the Beast Mode trophy!

More updates to follow!




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New Forums for Midwest Players! Check it out now!

Posted by HornedRatRob on April 23, 2014

So my brother has graciously decided to host and online forum for players from all around to get involved in! The website is: http://www.mwgamingalliance.boards.net This forum will give us a great opportunity to continue to progress towards a great gaming scene here in the Midwest. Head on over and get signed up and help us by spreading the word to others so that they can get signed up as well! Here it is again:


See you on the forums!


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Spring Bloodbath Just Days Away!

Posted by HornedRatRob on April 22, 2014

Final Call for the Spring Bloodbath tournament this Saturday, April 26th. If you are planning on making it to the tournament, please email me so you can get signed up and earn your Wheatshocker points! I’m working on getting the scenarios into a word document but they will be posted within the next two days! Sorry for the tardiness! Hope to see many new faces at this tournament and let’s make it a good one! See you saturday!



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Spring Bloodbath coming up on April 26th! Get your armies ready!

Posted by HornedRatRob on April 8, 2014

Gentle reminder here — get signed up for the Spring Bloodbath Wheatshocker Tournament on April 26th!

We’re only a few weeks away and remember — this tournament counts for the Wheatshocker Series! Check the tab at the top of this page for all the information you need about the Wheatshocker Tournament Series. This tournament is 3 rounds with 2500 point armies allowed.

Reminder – this will be the last tournament in the Wheatshocker Series that allows unpainted armies and special characters! Get to work on those models and let’s continue to make the series a success. We can’t do it without your support!

In the works — I’ve already started to spring an idea for a Grand Tournament here in the Midwest! I’m thinking somewhere around a year from now we’ll be able to host our own right here in Kansas! If you have some input on names for the event, let me know. The Wheatshocker Series is off to a great start and I can’t wait to have it all finish up with a GT! The potential is here, we have the support, we have all that we need to be successful.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for any of our tournaments, contact Hero Complex (316-425-7713) to get signed up, as well as sending me an email and there’s no better way to get practice with your armies than to play in a local tournament. Spread the word and let’s keep the ball moving!

Mark of Chaos


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Final update for OKC Slobberknocker!

Posted by HornedRatRob on March 25, 2014

So I had a short write up a day ago about the Slobberknocker and this one will be a little more elaborate.

First, the tournament was great and the crew that put it together ran it very smoothly. I’ve been to a few GTs and this was up there with the best of them. The prize support, along with all of the swag was awesome. One of my personal favorites was the personalized note from Karl Franz! It was actually our raffle ticket but this added bonus was just a nice little effect.

The scenarios were pretty standard but enough to keep a good general on his toes. I’m not a fan of “battle for the pass” scenario at all!

I was pleased to see a painting score but I wish there wasn’t an award for an army that wasn’t painted by that person. In past GTs, they simply ask at check in if you painted your army, a simple yes or no. If you didn’t, then you still receive paint points, but cannot win painting awards. I wish this was the case at every tournament. If a person chooses to lie, then that’s out of your control and you just have to deal with that. But at least it creates accountability.

Finally, I’d like to see sportsmanship and army selection come back into tournament scorings. Those were important categories in the old tournament systems and something that I feel make the hobby complete. I’ve always judged these categories in my tournaments and always will.

Overall, it was a great tournament and I finished 2nd place overall. I was a single dice roll away from being 5-0 and I was proud of my skaven but beyond that, I was proud of myself. In a tournament dominated by special characters, I took a non conventional army list, that is, no skaven slaves and the inclusion of a screaming bell, and made it into a powerful, competitive army. It took me countless games to make it as good as it is but I finally got it to where I wanted it to be. To me, that’s the mark of a good general and again, I’m proud of myself. Here is a shot of the swag I got!!



Overall results for Brothers In Arms Wargaming Society:
Rob 4-0-1
Ro 2-1-2
Austin 2-3
Chris 1-4
Eric R 2-3
John 2-1-2
Mike 3-2
Joey 1-2-2
Erik 2-1-2

Til next time–which may be the Bugeater in Nebraska!


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