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    HAVOC IN THE SUMMER! is our next tournament in the Wheat Shocker Series! Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 14th. Don't forget to sign up online!


    New Scenarios will be posted soon!!!

    Sign-up Information: If interested in signing up, please send me an email with the following information: Name, Contact Info, Army, Club Affiliation (if any).
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    New World Order Website: www.grimdark.org
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      As I posted previously, I have been painting the heroes included with Arcadia Quest. Well, I have now finished the heroes from the Core set. I think that I will wait a while before I try and tackle the monsters and the villains, or the extra heroes that I received by backing the Kickstarter, or […]
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    ++PROUD MEMBER OF B.A.W.G.S. (Brothers in Arms War Gaming Society)
  • Who’s Signed Up??

    ++Waiting for our generals to sign up for HAVOC IN THE SUMMER!

    1. Eric Rennie - WoC

    2. Ro. Nevarez - TBD

    3. Seth Kobiskie - WE







    Sign up today!
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  • WHFB Havoc in the Summer

    June 14th, 2014
    Let's make this tournament a success! We can't do it wihtout you!

Wheat Shocker Tournament Series Info NEW INFO!!

Here you can find information about all of the tournaments that I run every month. Here is the rundown:

= 2500 points

= Models do not have to be Games Workshop models but must be appropriate to your army.

= 3 rounds per tournament

= Although painting is not required, I do judge painting for every tournament. A Painted army is required TO WIN BEST OVERALL FOR THE TOURNAMENT!

= All tournaments begin at 11AM unless otherwise noted.

= All of my tournaments give back 100% of the entry fee money. I believe in rewarding the players for making this hobby so great!

= Tournaments are 10.00 entry fee.

= Most importantly, this is a tournament and a competitive spirit is always welcome, but we are here to HAVE FUN! Remember this when building lists, tactics, strategies, etc.

= Terrain is preset. Buildings follow the rules in the WHFB book.

= The Best Overall Winner recieve prize money and the coveted “Beast Mode” Trophy!

Here is the coveted Beast Mode Trophy!



January – New Year’s Annihilation

February – Valentine’s Day Massacre

April – Spring Bloodbath — APRIL 26TH

June – Havoc in the Summer JUNE 14TH

August – Back To School Bash TBD

October – Hostile Halloween TBD

December – Christmas Clash TBD (Wheatshocker Warlord will be awarded at this tournament as well!)

*** Tournament Sign-up Information: If interested in attending any upcoming tournaments, please send me an email with the following information: Name, Contact Info, Army, Club Affiliation (if any). ***


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